Here’s the story …When I was in my teens, my Dad – along with some of his American pals – bought some land and built a ranch in Colorado. We used to go to Buena Vista every summer and hike the mountains, drive ATV’s, visit ghost towns and old train tunnels, eat Tex-Mex, wander and watch the sky. It was truly an amazing time. I wrote a song a few years ago called Buena Vista Moon (from the ‘Stranger Than Yesterday’ album) about the tiny town in the middle of the state. Recently, I found old camcorder video footage my parents shot at the ranch in 1986. I decided to edit the footage and put it with the song. Here it is – with time stamps in some shots, flowing streams, mountains, rainbows, animals, old carriages and my folks, the ghosts of Bruce and Donna Robertson. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to Ken Yoshioka for the killer harmonica playing!!

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