Walk On

Ever have a dream to do something with your life? To pursue a passion? To fulfill a lifelong fantasy?

Ever have doubts about it? Afraid of the unknown? Fear of giving up your established life as you know it? Scared of what people might say?


This is the first post on my blog Expecting to Fly, where I will chronicle my journey into pursuing a lifelong dream. It was a choice I made, a choice we all can make. Choices that will create the life we want. After all, it is your life to create.

My name is Craig Robertson. I am 45 years old. I live in Toronto. I have a house, a great marriage, many friends and a loving family. I live in a nice neighbourhood, with parks and walking trails and all the amenities you could need at your fingertips. Like most of us, I have bills to pay, a mortgage to worry about, groceries to buy, a car to pay for and home repairs to save up for.

I also had great job – a successful radio morning host broadcasting to the Greater Toronto Area. I got up in the morning, spun some great music, had a few laughs. I got to meet many famous musicians, interviewed hundreds of celebrities, got free concert tickets, free this, free that.

Yet, I wasn’t fulfilled. I always knew something was missing. Something that had lingered in the back of my mind for years.

So, I finally did something about it.

In early December, 2012 I quit my job. It took a lot of thought and debate and worry and conversation and fear and doubt and decision to do it. It wasn’t a ‘snap’ call. I thought about it the better part of twenty years. And when the time came to actually do it, I was scared senseless.

There are so many things to ponder – giving up an established career, a gap in your resume, the unknown of well, the unknown, and of course money. But a good friend told me “you’ll always find a way, things will work themselves out”. I guess I’ll find out.

You see, my lifelong dream was to pursue a songwriting career. I’d been writing songs since I was 13 years old and the dream to write songs professionally never left me. The dream was there in my twenties when I was going to radio school. The dream was alive in my thirties when I was fast-tracking my radio career. The dream was still there in my forties when I was established in a radio career. The dream never died. And I surely didn’t want it to die with me.


So here I am writing the first post on my blog called Expecting to Fly, my leap into a new life path. I hope it will inspire and shed some light. I hope you enjoy the journey.

25 thoughts on “Walk On

  1. All the best Craig, i have all the fate in you while you take your life’s journey!! I will always be fan of yours!! I know you will keep on walking until you get what you want!!! Cheers πŸ™‚

  2. All the best Craig, i have all the fate in you while you take your life’s journey!! I will always be fan a of yours!! I know you will keep on walking until you get what you want!!! Cheers πŸ™‚

  3. Miss you on the the air, Craig, but we all have a journey right now. I am on one myself right now. I’m right behind you….keep flying!

  4. Hi Craig,
    Hope all is well and please stay in touch with us at the Canadian Cancer Society at the Whitby office :).

  5. It’s always about living in the moment!! No looking back. No looking forward. Relish each and every moment while you’re in and the next moment will take care of itself. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you well Craig. Lots of folks miss The Green Room. d

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