Dreamin’ Man

Have you ever wanted to get out of bed each day and do exactly what you wanted to do? When motivation is linked to your passion in life? Write a book? Take cooking classes? Study economics? Work as a musician?

It’s been one month after leaving my radio career to pursue a lifelong dream of songwriting and making music. And what a motivating month it has been …

I’ve done more to invest in myself the past thirty days than in the past 2 years! I’ve made industry contacts, met with musicians, played gigs, booked gigs, been in the studio recording a new album, booked future recording sessions, been hired as a session player, rehearsals, updated social media, written press releases, written MORE songs and recorded MORE demos! It’s been busy, but time well spent.

Have I made any money? Nope. But right now that’s okay as I knew I wouldn’t be making any anyways. I’m planting seeds for a future and making plans for the present.

Honestly, making this life decision has been a swift kick in the pants. There is nothing more motivating than knowing this is the new path you’ve chosen (especially at 45 years old!!). It’s been a very moving experience and has charged my soul to plow ahead.


I often think about the future during this process. Will I be successful? How will things turn out? But I always come back to what my wife recently told me : that success is in the doing. By simply writing that book, or taking that cooking class or studying economics or being a musician, you’re already a success.

Who knows what the future holds? Who knows where we’ll all be in one year, one month or even tomorrow? So, let’s enjoy today and be motivated to be what we want.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

2 thoughts on “Dreamin’ Man

  1. Craig dear friend. Congratulations and all the success in the world. One can only fail if one does not try. I’ve known you many years and i am so glad that you have decided what road you wish to follow.I’m kind of glad that you have another place to practice though:)

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