This Note’s For You

Well my new album has been released this week. Have to say it’s pretty bloody rewarding getting it out there.


I started the recording sessions three years ago this month at Trent River Studios, just outside of Havelock, Ontario. I went in with four or five songs, a batch of lyrics, a boatful of ideas and a heart full of sadness. I mean my life was not at it’s greatest stage – my folks just passed away, I was going through a break-up and I couldn’t go one weekend without getting drunk and stoned until I couldn’t walk.

You know, booze and dope have a funny way of catching up to you sometimes. I had always liked a good party, and usually got somewhat tipsy every weekend since I was in my early twenties. But I took it to a new level this time around — a case and a half of beer, 2 bottles of wine, a bag of weed and a pile of coke was my weekend intake. I’d start Friday afternoon, wouldn’t stop until Sunday and then I’d go to work. Then I’d start up again the next Friday (sometimes Wednesday or Thursday). Then again. Again. I told myself I could stop. But I never did. Four years later I realized I was numbing some serious pain.

That period in my life seems like a dream now – my dad dying suddenly, my mom suffering through cancer after my dad’s passing, my eventual break-up, the drugs and booze. Even at the time it was happening, it all seemed surreal. I needed catharsis through it (other than the drugs), and so I relied on what I’ve always leaned on …music.

I have always been a creative person, and this void in my life was fueling a new creativity I had never been able to tap into. In the end I’m grateful for going through the tough stuff as I wrote TONS of songs, began to believe in myself as a songwriter and ended up with this record. I know it won’t be for everyone, and as with most creative projects there are things on the album I would change. But, it was a process I had to see through from start until finish, and I’m very proud of the results.

I quit the booze and the drugs two years ago. It took it’s toll on my body (I still have lingering digestive problems) and I still have cravings. But I’m glad to have had those experiences as I’m more grateful for the things I have, more aware of others, hopefully a better songwriter and an even better person. So with the release of the album this week, it feels like a circle has been completed and I can put a lock on that part of my life. But, I’ll never throw away the key because it’s good to peer into that time to realize what I have now.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

You can check out the lyrics for the album right here

4 thoughts on “This Note’s For You

  1. Wow Craig, you have opened up yourself to the world here and that takes a lot of courage. I knew you were a partier but didn’t know the extreme your partying went to. It takes a strong person to realize and change as you did. You are a talented musician and it’s obvious after reading today’s blog, you have a talent for writing too. Walk on, play on, blog on. Your friends are here with you every step of the way as well as your lovely wife Crystal. Keep it coming and Rock on my friend. I miss hearing you on 94.9 The Rock but the world is your oyster now and you’ve found the pearl! 🙂 CHEERS!

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