I Am A Child

Once in while I’ll be featuring guest blogs from folks that inspire. This week the post is from Paula Murphy, who’s daughter Maya is a fighter. Her story is right here …



To look at my beautiful 8 year-old daughter Maya, you would never know she has a serious health issue. You would never know that she endures daily physiotherapy to clear her air passages. You would never know that she recently spent a week at Sick Kids hospital hooked up to an IV, followed by another week at home with a PIC line. You would never know she had to have twice daily masks with medicine to rid her of the bug that invaded her lungs. You would never know because you can’t see her “disease” and you probably have never heard of it.

Maya was born with a rare genetic disorder called Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, (PCD) which affects the respiratory system. We are blessed though. Maya’s condition was suspected at 2 days old and confirmed at 4 months. Most people wait years and years for a diagnosis and by that time, the damage is permanent.  Maya’s recent CT scans actually show improvement in her lungs from a few years ago.

We are also blessed because Maya is an amazing child. She has energy, spirit, humour and an empathetic side that is a treasure. She does not let her diagnosis define her, she defines it.

She is my inspiration, my energy, my passion and my reason for our annual fund raising event to support PCD research at Sick Kids hospital. We are busy planning the 5th annual Maya’s March for June.

Please join us Sunday June 2, 2013 and meet my inspiration. Help raise much needed research money. Help Maya and kids like her.

Visit www.mayasmarch.com to learn more about Maya, PCD and our event.


Paula Murphy


You got to love kids man. We can all learn from their spirit. But to see a kid be a fighter and contend with issues some adults couldn’t deal with is pretty incredible. The motivation and inspiration that fuels this family’s year-long pursuit to help others is amazing.

Thanks to Paula for sharing her story and the beautiful pic of Maya.

Thanks for reading, see you next time.


One thought on “I Am A Child

  1. Thanks for letting me share Craig. I have had a lot of positive feedback. Hope to see you at Maya’s March or in a club watching you play again.

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