Just Singing A Song

You ever get lost in something so good, that it takes you to another place?


I love performing live. What a buzz it is.

This past Friday night I played the Free Times Cafe in Toronto. It’s one of those timeless clubs that has hosted so many amazing artists, has a great vibe and is still cooking after all these years (when so many other Toronto clubs have come and gone …). A great crowd turned up and I, along with Rob Isabella who plays guitar me, were primed to play.

We nailed it  —  Rob’s guitar solos were soaring and beautiful. His feel for the emotional impact of the songs had me lost in the music (audience ovations after his solos attest to that!!). My vocals haven’t felt this good in a long time and the buzz from the room was heartfelt and joyous. Could not have asked for better.

It was another reminder why I love music so much  and why performing is in my blood. I get lost in it by closing my eyes, feeling the lyric, sensing the guitar interaction and taking in the vibe from the audience. It can, at times, be an out-of-body experience and there’s no better feeling.

To be able to play music, write these songs and experience moments like this, I am truly grateful. I’ve worked very hard for it and still work at it, but I also know that it’s a gift to enjoy and fully realize these moments. So to the music gods I lift a glass of thanks.

And hey, not all gigs are as cozy and cool as this. I’ve played some bummer shows when it can all go wrong :: guitar doesn’t stay in tune, vocal mics go dead, nobody claps, the band isn’t in sync, nerves get the best of your performance. So when it does go right, it feels so right …

More gigs to come, more songs to write, working on a new album (actually working towards 2 new releases and a bunch of singles …) and hopefully the music gods will offer up more of those inspiring on-stage moments. It’s too good to not do it again.

** A special shout out to Matt Holtby and Robbie Patterson who shared the bill. They were, as they always are, awesome. **

Thanks for reading, see you next time.


4 thoughts on “Just Singing A Song

  1. Matt Diamond does awesome Matt Holtby covers lol!! I’ve seen him play them at Stuttering John’s with ya!! Another awesome night. Not many musicians talk about the lows of playing like the tuning,poor mics and lackluster crowds…..You’re a “glass half full” type of guy Craig.You find the silver lining in anything!! It’s the positive energy that keeps dreams going and you’ll be able to live off yours by exuding that energy!! Keep it up!

  2. Hey Craig, wanted to come but was away all week and kids needed me. Glad to hear it went well and hope to see you soon.

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