From Hank to Hendrix (…and Buckingham to Nicks)

As my songwriting journey winds it’s path, this week’s travels had me learning about myself and listening to some amazing artistry …

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Monday night my wife and I went to see the Stevie Nicks movie ‘In Your Dreams’. It’s a documentary on the making of her new album and reveals a side of her that is truly inspiring. She has a steely confidence and an unbending conviction of what she wants. Her art is her driving force, her desire to have things her way is her backbone. My wife is a massive fan of hers, and now I know why : Stevie Nicks lives for her music, for her own convictions and does it all with compassion and love. When I left the movie theater I was taken by her story, by her nerve and her belief. Since, I’ve been hell bent on writing more songs and getting them heard.

The following night we went to see Fleetwood Mac at the Air Canada Centre. I didn’t know what to expect from the evening other than what others told me – “They are awesome live”?? And you know what …they are and then some.

Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar playing is unreal. But it was his passion for the music that drew me in. He is ‘in the moment’ and lost in the music (I’ve been there as a performer and there is no better feeling). Plus the band on a whole is so authentic – no flashpods, no big lightshow – just a group of people playing great songs with an infectious energy and passion. I completely and absolutely loved the show.

And now, as I sit and write this blog, and take it all in, I realize how much I’ve learned about myself over the past few nights. Firstly, that believing in yourself and who you are can easily translate into a feel-good energy for those around you. “Power to the positive people”, as my buddy Robbie says. Stay positive, believe, be passionate.

Secondly, that music is what truly moves me and makes me happy.

You know, sometimes things happen for a reason and I believe these past few nights came into my life to restore and inspire. So, with a pen and paper I write my next song and continue onward and upward on this journey called life, learning more about myself and about others along the way.

Thanks for reading, see you next time.

4 thoughts on “From Hank to Hendrix (…and Buckingham to Nicks)

  1. Years ago I read a different view of the old saying “things happen for a reason”. It was ” things happen and it is your duty to find the reason that is within those things”. I like both.

    Musically, I truly love live recordings over studio releases. If the band is really in the moment, it comes through in the recording, that energy, that excitement. One of my favourite live albums to this day is Fleetwood Mac – Live and Christine singing “Over & Over”. And again, Buckingham’s solo in this song is shivers and goosebumps.

    1. I missed the vibe of Christine McVie playing with the band. Some of her songs are some of my favs including ‘Songbird’. Great show though and a feel good vibe of ever I’ve felt at a show. Cheers Dave!

  2. Oh the power of the feel good energy! I have been doing this for some time now,and it has changed my outlook on life! I feel so much better and I truly enjoy the simple pleasures life offers! Glad your turned on by Fleetwood Mac. Welcome to the 70’s!

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