It’s A Dream (The Making of an album …)

A new album is almost finished, but the last few pieces have been the hardest to complete … The recording process began in February of 2013 at The Narrows Recording Studios in Buckhorn, Ontario, just north of Peterborough. It’s a small, one-room cottage-style house set on a hill overlooking a forest with coyote howls inContinue reading “It’s A Dream (The Making of an album …)”

Down By The River

I just finished reading a great bio about one of the giants in music. There’s a new book about Johnny Cash called “The Life”, written by Robert Hilburn. I’m generally skeptical about bios because they can seem glossy and edited. I find them to be advertisements, rather than a true glimpse into what the subjectContinue reading “Down By The River”

Long Walk Home

I recently got to know my family a bit better … I’ve always been a bit of a ‘family-tree’ buff, researching where my family came from. I find it interesting to discover the stories behind the people who paved the way for us. Most recently I dug up the tale of how my family cameContinue reading “Long Walk Home”

Country Home

Recently I discovered a great new (or maybe old?), Canadian music talent … His name is David Francey. His story is very cool. He lived the bulk of his adult life working as a carpenter, tradesman and general labourer. All the while, he was writing songs about his life. But these songs never saw theContinue reading “Country Home”

What Happened Yesterday

They say it’s your birthday … This week marks Paul McCartney’s 71st birthday. Maybe the most famous musician on planet earth … My first memory of a Beatles song is listening to ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and being SCARED. Yup, actually getting frightened of the loneliness and the tragedy in the song. I can also vividly rememberContinue reading “What Happened Yesterday”

Here We Are In The Years

It’s been six months since I left my secure, full-time job to pursue other opportunities in life … … and I’ve never been happier. It hasn’t all been roses and sunshine, as I had my doubts and reservations early on (and still do at times …), but in the end it’s one of the bestContinue reading “Here We Are In The Years”

Natural Beauty

The Canadian east coast. Best vacation ever. Incredible scenery, down-to-earth people and a new appreciation for how beautiful our country is. Not to mention meeting some great musicians along the way. Every turn was a highlight, but here are a few to share; *Peggy’s Cove. It’s a real-life postcard. Spent a Saturday night in Peggy’sContinue reading “Natural Beauty”

From Hank to Hendrix (…and Buckingham to Nicks)

As my songwriting journey winds it’s path, this week’s travels had me learning about myself and listening to some amazing artistry … Monday night my wife and I went to see the Stevie Nicks movie ‘In Your Dreams’. It’s a documentary on the making of her new album and reveals a side of her thatContinue reading “From Hank to Hendrix (…and Buckingham to Nicks)”