Rockin’ In the Free World

How I love Canadian music and Canadian musicians. Let’s rhyme off a few who totally dig the scene – Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, The Band, Arcade Fire, Patrick Watson, The Hip, Rush, Joni Mitchell, Blue Rodeo, Rufus Wainwright, kd lang, Bryan Adams, Ron Sexsmith, David Francey, Bruce Cockburn, Ian Thornley, Anne Murray, The Guess Who,Continue reading “Rockin’ In the Free World”

Country Home

Recently I discovered a great new (or maybe old?), Canadian music talent … His name is David Francey. His story is very cool. He lived the bulk of his adult life working as a carpenter, tradesman and general labourer. All the while, he was writing songs about his life. But these songs never saw theContinue reading “Country Home”

Born In Ontario

Today’s blog marks the first in a week-long “Proud to Be Canadian” series. Today’s post is about my Canadian pin … I love to travel, love seeing what our world has to offer. It has given me great respect for the world around us and has offered me a greater love for my home country.Continue reading “Born In Ontario”

Natural Beauty

The Canadian east coast. Best vacation ever. Incredible scenery, down-to-earth people and a new appreciation for how beautiful our country is. Not to mention meeting some great musicians along the way. Every turn was a highlight, but here are a few to share; *Peggy’s Cove. It’s a real-life postcard. Spent a Saturday night in Peggy’sContinue reading “Natural Beauty”

There’s A World

One thing about making this plunge into a life of music is … The positive vibes and great nature of musicians, everywhere! I’ve been lucky to have met many great people along this road, and bad vibes rarely exist along the path of making music. The positive spirit is alive and well in people whoContinue reading “There’s A World”

The Painter

Inspiration can come from anywhere. This time from a movie I saved on PVR … The movie is called ‘The West Wind‘. It’s the life story of Canadian artist Tom Thomson, who died under curious circumstances on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park. The movie however, tried to unveil the tale of his life, rather thanContinue reading “The Painter”