There’s A World

One thing about making this plunge into a life of music is …


The positive vibes and great nature of musicians, everywhere!

I’ve been lucky to have met many great people along this road, and bad vibes rarely exist along the path of making music. The positive spirit is alive and well in people who love being creative and strive for a life of music. It’s hard work though, and for some never easy …

A friend of mine recently thought about getting a ‘real’ job and putting the music biz behind him. This is a guy who has worked on Juno Award winning material, has toured and worked with some of Canada’s most famous names and yup, wanted to pack it in. No money, no gigs lined up, barely getting by. But he’s still at it, and can’t think of doing anything else.

He, along with most musicians I know, creates a vibe all his own. You have to make your own scene, trust your own judgement and do your own thing (good lessons in life I do say!). Do that, and people will come to you, doors will open (albeit sometimes only slightly …), because the good nature of people is such a cool thing.

With that in mind I’m planning more gigs, and more studio sessions to record more music. Plus I’ll be opening a studio this summer (those doors will be open …)

Thanks for reading, cheers.

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