Here We Are In The Years

It’s been six months since I left my secure, full-time job to pursue other opportunities in life …


… and I’ve never been happier.

It hasn’t all been roses and sunshine, as I had my doubts and reservations early on (and still do at times …), but in the end it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.

The act of quitting my radio career to pursue music was, and will be, one of those milestone moments. I had a great run in radio, met some amazing people and had a ton of fun, but it had it’s time in my life and what I’m doing now feels more true to who I am. I still get lots of people asking me “Do you miss being on the radio?”. I actually thought I would, I really thought there would be times of really wanting to get back on the air. But I don’t …

These past six months have been a whirlwind – I’ve written lots of songs, done a swhack of gigs, met some great industry people, recorded some new music, travelled, taught a few classes, rehearsed for future shows, etc etc — but the one thing I’ve done the most of is learning about life, and that enjoying our time here is so important. We are here for one shot, one round, one life, so we should make the most of it.

Amazing thing about this journey is meeting others who have done the same! They are coming out of the woodwork – old friends who quit secure gigs to pursue their dreams. It’s been very cool to randomly run into them, to get their phone calls or to find their emails in my in-box. It’s nice to know that we’re not alone.

I’ll tell you one thing, this whole process would not have been possible without the support of an amazing person – my wife Crystal. I can’t think of doing anything as crazy as quitting your job to pursue something that notoriously makes people POOR!, but she has not only supported it, she has been my spark and my biggest fan. To her I owe more than thanks, I owe a part of me, as this is my life pursuit and without her, it would not have happened.

In closing I want to thank you for reading my blog, my little journal of life. It’s nice to know people are on the other side of these words, so thank you.

See you next time.

7 thoughts on “Here We Are In The Years

  1. So Glad to hear every thing is working out well for you! Morning’s haven’t been the same since you left. Good memories for Dave and I. We wish you much success,and look forward to maybe seeing you preform some day. Take good care. Your friend Jill

  2. I still miss you on the radio, however I am pleased to hear everything is working out for you and you sound content. Kudos to you and Crystal both for taking this step as I’m sure it has been challenging at times. Hope to catch one or your gigs sooner than later… All the best, Julie

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