Music Arcade

I recently came across some new music treasures


There is no denying the new Arcade Fire. The song ‘Reflektor’ is killer. Love this band for the fact they always surprise and never disappoint. Can’t wait for the full album release on October 29th!


RM Hubbert is a Scottish songwriter/guitarist who recently won accolades for his last album called ‘Thirteen Lost & Found’. I discovered the album by fluke — searching for music in Scotland, I came across a story where this album won the Scottish Album of the Year for 2012. Half the tunes are instrumental featuring his flamenco-influenced guitar style, the other songs highlight guest vocalists who sing songs about lost love and escaping life via a rental car. Killer.


Robbie Fulks. This guy is a REAL country singer, not this new country bullshit. In fact he wrote a song called ‘Fuck This Town’, his way of dissing everything about Nashville, that appeared a few albums ago. This guy sings honest, raw, heartfelt songs in the tradition of old-school country. Throw in his unique modern sound and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind gem of an album called “Gone Away Backward”. Love his sound.


Asgeir Trausti. I discovered this via the soundman at The Drake in Toronto who had it playing in between sets. An Icelandic singer whose sound reminds me of a cross between Elliott Smith and Radiohead. He sings in Icelandic, but it doesn’t matter. The tunes are so beautiful, his voice so unique and the album as a whole, so amazing. The album is not available in Canada, so I’ve been listening via streaming sites. Check it out, well worth it.


Michael Kiwanuka. Soul influenced folk. Simple songs, sung beautifully and 70’s-era production style. His music is very honest and real. Killer.

Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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