Tonight’s the Night

Been some time since I last posted. As we ring in 2014, there is much to write about, so much to be grateful for …


2013 was a year of change in my life, and with it, a year that saw many rewards;

Among them, is a relationship with someone I could have never dreamed of meeting, my wife Crystal. We celebrated out first anniversary this year and she truly is my inspiration and my rock, for her I am grateful.

Music, music and more music. This year saw the release of an album I worked super hard at to release. I also started recoding a new album featuring music I have never believed in more. Plus, I played over sixty live gigs, the most ever in one calendar year. To those who have come to a live show, for those who have enjoyed my music, to those who have supported and encouraged, and to those I have had the fortune to play with, I am grateful.

Teaching has become a bigger passion. When I graduated high school some eons ago, I wanted to become a teacher. It never panned out. But thanks to a 20-year broadcasting career, and some cool folks at Durham College and Seneca College, I’ve been able to do something I always wanted to accomplish. To those who made it happen, to the students who made it so fulfilling, I am grateful.

Neighbours and friends and family. Going through life can have it’s stresses and this year had it’s trying moments to be sure. But without the support of friends, neighbours and family, it would have been tougher to sled through. So to those who invited us in, to those who emailed and sent their thoughts, to those who called and to those who popped by to say ‘hi’, I am grateful.

I’ve never been one to see a new year as a new start. I’ve always thought that each day is a new start, a renewal of possibility. For each new day, I am grateful.

In closing, to you who is reading this, I wish a happy and healthy new year. May it bring everything you wish for.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Tonight’s the Night

  1. Happy New Year Craig. So glad that life is leading you into new and exciting ventures. Hello to Crystal for me. Your “old” friend Margaret.

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