Caledonia Rain Video is LIVE

Check out my brand new video for the song ‘Caledonia Rain’.

The video you are about to see came from a short film that was stowed in an old yellow box that had been sitting in my desk drawer for a few years. The small box is faded, old and features two 4 cent stamps. That’s how old it is!! The back of the box is labelled with my Dad’s handwriting. It was his old Toronto address, where he lived prior to meeting my Mother. When I opened the box a few months ago I found a small movie reel inside.


It was shot with an 8mm camera in 1964. The camera operators are my parents, Bruce and Donna Robertson. The video features my parents and grandparents, Bud and Gladys Staniland on a trip to beautiful Banff, Alberta.

This homemade movie seemed a right fit with the homemade music of ‘Caledonia Rain’. Plus, it’s a cool story …

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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