String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill

Another week in the life of a dreamer …


In these early stages as a working musician and a redefining life course, I have found that one has to find new criteria for ‘what to do‘ during the day. And I never thought I’d be so busy …

Music motivates me, so that’s not an issue. But how does one incorporate that motivation into something tangible?

I did research on other blogs and found that a daily routine was important. As are little goals, whether daily or weekly or monthly, that we can set out to achieve.

So I set myself up with a routine, a structure, of waking up at the same time every day and working on things I set out before me the night before. Those ‘baby’ goals could be anything from writing songs, fine tuning lyrics, recording demos, social media updates, rehearsals, recording sessions, contacting and meeting industry people (a key part of this process!), booking gigs, playing gigs!, practicing guitar or drums or piano, making a list of future goals. That doesn’t include other every day life stuff that comes into play either.

You never know, one day this work might pay off with a song being published, or a tune being picked up by another artist, or more session work, or who knows. I have found that the most important thing is to enjoy the process. Enjoy it for what it is; time in a life to enjoy the dream.

Thanks for reading and feel free to check out the website for shows in March.

4 thoughts on “String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill

  1. Goals, no matter the size are incredibly important. I remember after completing high school and returning to OAC, I bombed terribly because I never had a focus of what I wanted to do with the additional year. I attributed my success in grades 9-12 to having a goal of achieving my high school diploma. After that, I’ve felt rudderless. Since my daughter Leighton has been born, the goal has been simple and rewarding. Make her smile and laugh every day because it makes me do the same. Goals and accomplishing those goals is what keeps us going the extra mile when we don’t think we have anything left in the tank

  2. Craig; changing a life-style is a fulltime job and not an easy one. Takes courage, determination and commitment, all of which you have. Just believe O.K

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