The Painter

Inspiration can come from anywhere. This time from a movie I saved on PVR … The movie is called ‘The West Wind‘. It’s the life story of Canadian artist Tom Thomson, who died under curious circumstances on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park. The movie however, tried to unveil the tale of his life, rather thanContinue reading “The Painter”

String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill

Another week in the life of a dreamer … In these early stages as a working musician and a redefining life course, I have found that one has to find new criteria for ‘what to do‘ during the day. And I never thought I’d be so busy … Music motivates me, so that’s not anContinue reading “String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill”

Motion Pictures

Movies. A great song. A stellar album or book … Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment Would you capture it or just let it slip? – Eminem I love being inspired. Getting that inner-gut sensation and motivation to write a song, jot downContinue reading “Motion Pictures”

Bad Fog of Loneliness

You know, this journey I’m taking and this blog I’m writing is a great metaphor for life itself. Things are not always positive, or inspirational for that matter. The reality is, sometimes we can get in the way of ourselves. There are days that I doubt everything. Doubt my decision to leave that job behind.Continue reading “Bad Fog of Loneliness”

This Note’s For You

Well my new album has been released this week. Have to say it’s pretty bloody rewarding getting it out there. I started the recording sessions three years ago this month at Trent River Studios, just outside of Havelock, Ontario. I went in with four or five songs, a batch of lyrics, a boatful of ideasContinue reading “This Note’s For You”

Dreamin’ Man

Have you ever wanted to get out of bed each day and do exactly what you wanted to do? When motivation is linked to your passion in life? Write a book? Take cooking classes? Study economics? Work as a musician? It’s been one month after leaving my radio career to pursue a lifelong dream of songwritingContinue reading “Dreamin’ Man”